mercredi 10 février 2010

Les couches de protocoles Bluetooth et la mise en réseaux de senseurs

légendes de la fig. 2.1
BT device = périphérique bluetooth
L1: couche matérielle
L2: couche logicielle
L3: réseau internet
BNEP: Bluetooth Network Encapsulation Protocol
PPP: Point to Point Protocol
SDP: Service Discovery Protocol
LL: Logical Link
L2CAP: Logical Link Control and Adaptation Protocol
LMP: Link Management Protocol
SDP: Service Discovery Protocol

"A strong market presence of Bluetooth technology makes it as a good candidate for building up large scale sensor networks. As most of Bluetooth devices are battery powered, the initial specifications of Bluetooth have been designed with low power consumption in mind. The low duty cycle of Bluetooth devices could be pushed forward to make it small enough to be useful for energy constrained sensors and actuators. It has already caught attention of the IEEE 1451.5 standard committee which is considering it as one of the candidates for wireless interface in smart sensors." (p.88)

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